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full version audio codec Plug-In for Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 2.5 or highe

MainConcept AAC EncoderOverview

Editor: MainConcept AAC Encoder is the full version audio codec Plug-In for Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 2.5 or higher. It offers high-quality AAC audio encoding as Perfect Companion to your high-quality video streaming.

MainConcept AAC Encoder is the latest addition to MainConcept’s successful set of Plug-Ins to enrich Adobe products with state-of-the-art codec solutions. It offers professional AAC Encoding within the Adobe® Flash® Media Live Encoder 3.0 that only comes with Nellymoser or MP3 audio encoding as standard.

Why not using MP3 only?
AAC is the emerging future audio standard that might replace existing ones, such as MP3. It is already supported by popular devices such as Apple iPod, Sony PSP, Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii, various cell phones etc. Some technical snap-shots:

•AAC and HE-AAC offer a significantly better audio quality while using the same bit rate as other audio codecs, especially for bit rates below 192 kbps.
•AAC may only need a fraction of the bandwidth than MP3 for your field of application (e.g. broadcasting concerts), thus resulting file sizes will be smaller too.
•AAC offers a significantly higher coding as well as compression efficiency and allows you a higher flexibility in usage than MP3.
Most dominantly, saving bandwidth and having smaller file sizes means saving money – especially if you focus on continuous video & audio streaming over scarce resources. Providing better audio quality to your audience and encoding efficiency only add to the advantages of the AAC encoding standard.


Fixed some bugs.

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File Size
Operating Systems
Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000
System Requirements
No additional system requirements.

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